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More than just entertainment…

Blog #4

Our industry needs hope. So many of my friends and colleagues are facing the abyss. Real people who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their art and who bring so much joy, hope and spirit to our communities and culture.

The forgotten freelancers

How can we effectively come together at this time and remind everyone of the impact we have on people’s lives which is being lost? Yes, we need a plan and financial support - but how can we more effectively show policy makers, funders and people what we do - and what we risk losing.

Music is everywhere

Maybe you watch Netflix, listen to the radio, or sing your team’s song, or sing in worship, or sing your anthem…

Maybe you have a parent or friend isolating at home, care home or hospital who has benefitted from music in their lives. Their day made a little brighter by being transported to a land of song and momentarily forgetting their troubles…

Maybe you yourself sing, or once did feel part of a group where you contributed to something bigger than the sum of its contents … and the sheer feeling of joy it gave you….

Maybe you have a child who sang in a choir or played in a band who learnt so much about taking the lead and being part of a team.

Maybe you had an inspirational teacher who helped you grow into who you are today…

Maybe you wanted a special piece at your wedding or a big party …

Imagine watching your favourite move with no sound…

We are more than just entertainment - we bring you together and I hope make our world a richer place to be.

The reality for freelance musicians is that many have fallen through the cracks in the support system. But this gave me hope last week; eighteen freelancers who happen to be friends making music for the North Wales International Music Festival. You can watch NEW Sinfonia HERE on Saturday at 7.30pm. The concert will be available for 28 days.

Thanks for reading. Please contact me if you have any ideas!


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